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The fact that you are here suggests that you are actively seeking professional administrative assistance for your business without the added costs associated with hiring someone full time.

Whether your venture is team based or a sole proprietorship of just you, there are services and expertise gaps that CheckmarkVA can help you fill. We are experts in providing prompt administrative assistance for a range of tasks that usually takes time away from crucial business development activities - including, but not limited to, travel arrangements, event and meeting coordination, document creation, sale support, vendor and client relations, calendar and email management and much more!      

Below: Why Virtual Assistant Service is the Better Alternative 


Why Virtual Assistant service is the better alternative.

The average in-house assistant will cost you approximately $30,000-$50,000 per year depending on qualifications.  On top of this salary, you need to factor in office equipment, space, medical benefits, paid vacation and sick time.  You also need to keep that particular position busy enough to justify the eight hour days, five days per week for fifty-two weeks per year.  For many start-ups, small businesses and even medium sized businesses, having someone in a full-time position just doesn’t make budgetary sense.  Corporate executives  also benefit from the additional support when overwhelmed with demands on their time without long term financial commitment. 

A virtual assistant is essentially the same as an in-house assistant but the key difference is that you only pay that person for the time spent on your actual projects.  You are not responsible for equipment, space, medical benefits, tax withholding, etc.  The virtual assistant is self-employed, just like you are, so they function just like any other business does.

A VA is a valuable resource that can assist you with a broad range of skills and talents. They are not limited to certain types of projects. Once a rapport is created with a VA, executives and business owners often utilize this service again and again - for every business need.  A VA can even be taken with you to your next employment or business venture. A true friend indeed!